About us

The Norwegian SeaDrill Company is a large integrated energy and unlock energy company with two holding listed subsidiaries, the SeaDrill Company (holding 73.18%), which was established in February 2011 and listed on the Oslo Stock exchange in Norway, and was established in June 2012, SeaDrill Partner Company (Holdings 75.65%) listed on the New York Stock Exchange in October. Our main partners are: BP, Total, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Brazil national oil company, etc.

SeaDrill has operations in China, Angola, Brunei, Congo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Thailand, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA and UK. At present, the Asia-Pacific is becoming a new area of SeaDrill energy companies to expand their business, SeaDrill (west) lubricants are the top lubricants suppliers in Europe, can provide industrial, automotive and marine lubricants full range of lubricants products.

Norway SeaDrill Lubricating oil company Each formula has been a number of engineering and technical personnel modulation and testing, and through different climates, different environments, different models of car driving tests, testing and driving test results of excellent ability to finalize as a production formula. So Norway SeaDrill Lubricants Company's each formula is scientific, rigorous, excellent, reliable formula.

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